Ever since the Colorado was released most owners have complained about how difficult the screen is to read. When the Oregon was released several months later it was actually a little worse than the Colorado. After using both units and following many discussions on the topic I believe that the issue is in part due to the choice of dark colors which Garmin picked for the default backgrounds. The good news is that you can easily change the background on both the Colorado and Oregon by downloading new jpeg image files to your GPS and selecting this image as your new background.

While changing your Oregon or Colorado’s background to a lighter color isn’t going to completely fix the issue I believe it does improve the visibility of the screen.  As a side benefit, you can put a “watermark” on your background image which includes your contact information so that if someone finds your GPS they might be able to return it to you.

I’ve put together some simple background images that can be used on either the Oregon or Colorado. These images include a colored border and embed a profile name in the top and bottom of the border so that you can tell which profile you are currently using. The image above is a screen shot of my Oregon in the Automotive Profile using the new white background with gray border. The other image is of my watermarked background.

All of the sample images below can be downloaded in the zip file here.  The Colorado and Oregon wikis include information on how to download and change the background.

Profile specific backgrounds:
Automotive Profile
Geocaching Profile
Recreational Profile
Fitness Profile
Marine Profile

Simple backgrounds with a colored border:
All White (no border)