After a brief beta period with new GPS firmware plus a few other small changes and fixes Garmin is rolling up beta 3.15 which includes GPS Software 3.7 into an official release for Oregon 300 and 400 customers.  The update is only available via Webupdater.  This complete of list of changes for Oregon x00 Software 3.2 includes:

  • Added LKS92 map datum
  • Added support for GPS firmware 3.70
  • Added support for GPI routes
  • Improved compass responsiveness
  • Fixed potential shutdown related to drawing 32-bit map points
  • Fixed potential issues during power on.

The only major difference with respect to beta 3.15 is compass responsiveness.   Compass users will notice that the compass rotates much more smoothly than before.

My experience, and that of many others, with GPS Firmware 3.7 has been very positive with the Oregon meeting or exceeding the performance of the 60csx under identical conditions.  I’ve noticed similar improvements on the Dakota and Oregon x50 which both received the updated software yesterday. All of this leads me to believe that Garmin may be getting past some of the issues with the Cartesio chipset.  Unfortunately WAAS does not seem work any better and the unit still records too much stopped time which also is the source of heading freezes.  Maybe in the next release!

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