Shortly after shipping the Oregon 550t Garmin has officially released the features introduced during the course a lengthy beta on the Oregon x00 series (my shorthand for the Oregon 200, 300, 400i, 400c and 400t). Last week Garmin announced release 3.10 which is nearly identical to the 3.01 beta delivered to Oregon users several weeks ago and available via the WebUpdater.  I’ve reviewed the release notes and found several that did not show up on any previous beta release:

  • Improved automatic route recalculation
  • Improved compass responsiveness in challenging GPS environment
  • Improved Spanish keyboard

Garmin has also indicated that there are some “any name” .img file support improvements related to GB Discoverer which are unique to 3.10.

The complete list of improvements and feature enhancements added since 2.8 are:

  • Added Waypoint Averaging application (For more information visit our new Trail Tech website at (2.96)
  • Added Sight ‘N Go application for the Oregon 300/400i/400c/400t (2.96)
  • Added Man Overboard application (2.96)
  • Added big numbers option to the trip computer (2.95)
  • Added customizable text to unit power-on screen (see \Garmin\startup.txt) (2.96)
  • Added ability to load maps from any img file in the Garmin directory (2.99)
  • Added new trip computer dashboards (2.95)
  • Added option to display four configurable data fields on the map (2.96)
  • Added ‘search near’ option to Geocaches search (2.95)
  • Added the ability to view geocache logs separate from the description (2.96)
  • Added ability to see a list of points from the map when several points are at the same location (2.94)
  • Added ability to edit a waypoint from the waypoint review (2.94)
  • Added support for Custom POI database and category selection (2.85)
  • Added distance and bearing to point when reviewing a Custom POI (2.86)
  • Added POI subcategories (2.95)
  • Added change location to Sun and Moon (2.95)
  • Added change location to Hunt and Fish (2.95)
  • Added ability to force the Oregon into mass storage mode by holding the power button for 30 seconds while plugged into a USB cable (2.85)
  • Added NMEA 9600 baud (2.85)
  • Improved render quality of GB Discoverer maps and maps with satellite imagery (2.94)
  • Improved map zooming (2.85)
  • Improved map draw speed (2.85)
  • Improved map panning and zooming when shaded relief is turned on (2.86)
  • Improved automatic route recalculation (new)
  • Improved Custom POI spell search (2.86)
  • Improved Main Menu setup and added option to add and remove items (2.94)
  • Improved readability of configurable data fields (2.94)
  • Improved display of numeric degrees and mils (2.99)
  • Improved GPS performance at slow speeds in tree cover (2.86)
  • Improved compass responsiveness in challenging GPS environments (new)
  • Improved battery gauge for NiMH batteries (2.85)
  • Improved stability when changing profiles (2.85)
  • Improved Wherigo stability (2.99)
  • Improved connection reliability with Spanner (2.93)
  • Improved Spanish keyboard (new)
  • Fixed airport points not displaying on the map (2.85)
  • Fixed lockup when a search returns no results (2.97)
  • Fixed elevation errors when reviewing a point other than a waypoint (2.99)
  • Increased the number of waypoints viewable from the Waypoint Manager and Where To?>Waypoints (2.96)

While I’m a little late on the announcement I did go back through the 3.10 release thread on the wiki and the Groundspeak thread. My impression is that Oregon x00 users are generally happy with the official 3.10 release.  I used 3.10 for a day or two before a new beta 3.12 came out and never saw any difference between it and beta 3.01.   Given my good luck with the 3.01 beta and all of the great features that this release includes I’ll recommend 3.10 for all Oregon x00 users, even if you’ve been hanging back at 2.8 waiting for a non-beta release from Garmin.

Oregon beta 3.12, which I’ll be posting on later today, is another issue.