GPS  Review has uncovered a leak in some REI promotional material which seems to indicate that Garmin is planning to extend the Oregon Series by adding two new high end models to the product line-up.  The difference?  The 500′s include an integrated camera.   There are two models listed – a 550 and 550t, presumably these units would be similar to the 300 and 400t with the addition of the camera.  No word on the camera specifications.

REI has priced the 550 and 550t at $550 and $600, respectively, however given that the 400t is also listed for $600 in the same brochure something doesn’t seem quite right!

Updated:  Given that Garmin has announced geotagging support in their forthcoming BaseCamp software it would make sense that these new units will have built in geotagging support.  Note there is also some confusion over whether these devices will be called the 500/500t or 55o/550t. (Garmin is calling the new units the 550/550t).  The REI flyer lists them as the 500/500t but certain links on REI’s web site indicate the units may be called the 550/550t.