After making new releases available for the Oregon x00, Oregon x50 and Dakotas just weeks ago, Garmin has quickly followed up with a fix-up release that addresses several common complaints.

The new software lineup made available on January 28th includes Oregon x00 version 3.6, Oregon x50 version 3.1 and Dakota version 2.6.  All of these releases can be downloaded to your GPS using Garmin’s WebUpdater.  The release notes from Garmin include:

  • Increased the map drawing range to allow maps to draw farther south.
  • Corrected issue with route line sometimes not drawing.
  • Corrected issues with marine POI.
  • Corrected issues with GB Discoverer maps.
  • Corrected issues with possible corrupted profile showing on the Profile Change page.  (only listed for the Oregon x50)
  • Corrected issue with project waypoint bearing sometimes not showing the input value .

Unless you are below latitude south 60 degrees (where the first issue might be your most important fix!) the second item, a missing routing line, was an issue that generated a lot of user complaints.   A quick perusal of the discussions for the new firmware reveals there are still some issues to be sorted out:

Note for Oregon 450 and 450t owners: it appears that the Oregon 550 and 450 share exactly the same firmware.   New 450 users are reporting that the Webupdater is upgrading them to version 3.1.