The entire Oregon and Dakota line exited another beta phase today with new official releases of software from Garmin.  Nothing very interesting to report since we’ve seen all of this in the prior beta releases but obviously Garmin is feeling good enough to make it official.  The major improvements include support for new dashboards, dashboards on more pages, enhanced track navigation, symbols on list views and improvements to the elevation plot to show predicted elevation change along your route.  Our latest posts on the Dakota beta and the Oregon beta contain screens shots and details on how to use these new features.

In order to update you’ll need to connect your GPS device to your computer and run the WebUpdater.  Garmin’s official release notes for the Dakota (2.5), Oregon x00 (3.5) and Oregon x50 (3.0):

  • Added ability to view elevation plot of upcoming active route or currently navigated track in blue.
  • Added display of icons to the lists in Where To? > Waypoints and the Geocaching application.
  • Added phone numbers when available to POI review pages.
  • Added Compass, Stopwatch, Active Geocache, and Elevation Plot dashboard options.
  • Introduced dashboard options to the Compass and Map pages.
  • Improved track navigation.Visit for more information.