Straight on the heels of a new update for its larger cousin, the Oregon 550, Garmin has given the Dakota a new set of bits with some very familiar sounding fixes.   We are definitely starting to see just how similar the Oregon and Dakota product lines are.

The big change is the inclusion of GPS Software 3.7 which has been performing well on the Oregon x00 – hopefully the improvements will translate to the Dakota where I’ve observed very noisy track logs.  Last week I found a photo on the FCC web site confirming that the Dakota does share the same Cartesio chipset with the Oregon so we may be seeing some differences in reception because of the different antenna designs of the Oregon and Dakota.

The full list of changes in Dakota Software 2.2 include:

  • Added LKS92 map datum
  • Added support for GPS firmware 3.70
  • Added support for GPI routes
  • Improved compass responsiveness
  • Fixed issue where multiple GB Discoverer maps would not draw
  • Fixed issue where track names could not be changed and deleted tracks would not be updated in GPX files.
  • Fixed issue where CDI (Course) mode compass did not show intermediate compass values between North and East
  • Fixed issue with address wizard not searching in the correct city
  • Fixed user heading setting for mils so that all applicable headings are displayed with the correct heading format
  • Fixed potential issue during power on.

The software is only available via WebUpdater but I’ve captured the rgn file and I’ll post it to the Versions page on the Dakota wiki.  Discuss your experiences with this new release on the Dakota wiki.