us-topo-24kGPSTracklog is reporting that Garmin will be making their 1:24k US Topo maps available as a series of regional DVDs.  The coverage of one DVD will be the equivalent of what two microSD cards cover today.   The first DVD will be available this quarter for around $130.   Garmin made some confusing statements in their BaseCamp press release earlier this week about the US 1:24k Topo maps on DVD, but hopefully this will stick.

Recently we posted about users in Great Britain who were getting their first looks at GB Discoverer maps on the Oregon and Colorado.   Shortly after we posted several users shared some disappointing screen shots on the Groundspeak forums.  There are two main complaints:

  • At all zoom levels the maps are blurry.  Normally you would expect to see pixelization at some zoom levels as maps are displayed at resolutions greater than their native resolution, but none of the screens shots seemed very clear at any zoom level.
  • The autorouting road maps appear as a layer on top of the rasterized OS maps.   Since these roads don’t always line up perfectly you can see both sets of roads in some places.

Later in the week the same user posted a response from Garmin Europe indicating that improvements are in the works for the Oregon to address the issues above by the end of February.

Here’s one more tidbit for Oregon and Colorado users.   Last week when Garmin announced the Oregon-based Approach G5 at CES I was poking around the accessories for the new golf unit and found this: a belt clip that should work for the Oregon and Colorado.  Availability?  Some time between April and June of 2009.  The price is listed around $7.