Update: Garmin has released beta 3.26 for the Oregon x50 available here.  I would highly recommend backing up your entire /Garmin/GPX directory before using this beta since your current tracklog will get modified and moved into daily/weekly archives if you enable that feature.

Here’s something bound to make Garmin Oregon 450 and 550 owners happy.  Two new posts from Garmin on their trail tech blog indicate upcoming support for custom waypoint and geocache symbols and improved tracklogs.  While the beta software doesn’t seem to be available yet the posts look promising.  Here’s a summary:

Custom Symbols

  • Create your own bitmap symbols, up to 32 pixels wide by 32 pixels high
  • Override built-in waypoint or geocache symbols
  • Add up to 56 new waypoint symbols

Tracklog improvements

  • Configure daily or weekly track archives
  • Change the color of the current tracklog
  • View archived tracks on the GPS
  • Use the stopwatch to start and stop archive tracks
  • Mark archived tracks as favorite saved tracks so they can be navigated, viewed, etc
  • Archive your favorite saved tracks

No word on whether either of these features will be available on the Dakota, Colorado or Oregon 300/400.  Once the beta software is available I’ll be posting tips on how to use both new features.